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Silver Screen Khichdi: The Movie Trailer

Published on September 6, 2014 By cheyingtan

In one of the most anticipated and one of the most loved transitions from small screen to big screen, Fox Productions’ ‘Khichdi: The Movie’ is all set to enthrall the audiences with innocent comedy, the likes of which were only seen on the TV set before. The Bollywood film is directed by Aatish Kapadia and […]

No Strings Attached Movie | No Strings Attached Movie Trailer | No Strings Attached Movie Review

Published on March 16, 2014 By cheyingtan

Hoping to lure viewers to the theater seats later this month, the red band trailer for “No Strings Attached” has hit the net. The trailer contains the language, just butts, and Kevin Kline, make sure you are in a safe place before you look. The film is distributed by Paramount Pictures and is scheduled to be launched […]

Priest (2011) Movie Trailer

Published on November 30, 2013 By cheyingtan

Vampire stories have really dominate the movie industry right now and here in the movie Priest (2011) movie it becomes more adventures with a more religiosity tale. Scott Stewart was the director of this movie and he seems to gain more confidence with this movie and one of his past adventures movies like Legion (2010) […]

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Published on October 20, 2013 By cheyingtan

This upcoming movie stars Ryan Reynolds, Black Lively, and Peter Sarsgaard. New Movie “Green Lantern” makes one wonder just how many more superhero movies the public will put up with. Warner Bros. is looking to launch a new fantasy/superhero franchise even though we’ve seen plenty of movies based on DC and Marvel comics lately. It’s […]